FNable automatically switches between Function-Keys and System Controls on a normal keyboard. Or it switches between the different states of a Touch Bar Keyboard. The switch happens automatically to match the front-most application's preferences.

Standard Keyboard

FNable provides better access to the Function-Keys. Instead of pressing the FN-Key to access the function keys in applications or games that make use of these keys, FNable switches the behavior to make the Function-Keys the default and provide access to the system controls when the FN-Key is pressed.

Use the default System Controls in Photos.app

Touch Bar Keyboard

FNable 2 supports keyboard with Touch Bar. Choose the Touch Bar layout that you need for your applications or games. FNable will remember the layout and will automatically switch when you switch applications. Press the FN-key to revert to the standard combined view that shows both the application specific controls as well as the system controls.

Use Application specific controls in Photos


Badges in the upper screen corners or as menu item let you quickly switch between keyboard modes.

Click on the badge to quickly switch the keyboard state for the frontmost application.


Go to the Preferences to choose a keyboard shortcut to easily switch between the keyboard modes.

Use keyboard shortcuts to switch to the next keyboard state for the frontmost application.


Press the FN-Key for 3 seconds to tell FNable to switch to the next keyboard mode. You don’t need to remember keyboard shortcuts and still can switch the keyboard modes while the menu bar is inaccessible, like in Video Games. This functinality requires assistive device access to work.

Excellent Heuristics

Due to better heuristics FNable more reliably detects if an application is active that needs the function keys. That improves reliability especially in Java based applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

System Requirements

  • macOS X 10.14 - Mojave, or newer
  • Compatible Keyboard
    • To see if your keyboard is compatible, check the Keyboard System Preferences. If there is a Checkbox enabling the Function Keys F1, F2, etc. your keyboard is compatible.
    • Logitech Keyboards are supported but require Logitech Control Center to be installed


  • FNable works without limitation for 14 days

Press material

  • Icon, Screenshots, Video and Pressrelease can be downloaded from here: english and german.